Repuls  is an online multiplayer shooting game designed by Docski. Play online against other players in a vast open space while exploring various weapons as well as vehicles and other equipment. You can manage a character who is always moving that allows you to shoot and move around simultaneously. Because each weapon is distinct with unique strength and weakness, you’ll be able to quickly develop your own style of play and stand out from other players. Are you prepared to become the first super-soldier?

The game’s multiplayer landscape has drastically changed over the past few years. Many companies have switched their attention towards modern-day mechanics that rely on characters. However, some of fun aspects of the game have been lost in this process. Anyone who wants to revisit the glory days of old can try online. The game’s modern design is a tribute to the greatest deathmatch battles from the past. Take part in fierce firefights in hand-drawn maps with intricate designs. Use vehicles to drive, throw grenades shooting shotguns, rifles or rocket launchers. Run into the base of the enemy with guns in full force, or join forces with the other players on the team .

One of the greatest benefits lies in its ease of access. Modern computers are so advanced that amazing 3D graphics don’t require costly equipment. Take part within a browser window such as Firefox or Chrome. Firefox. Experience vivid and detailed worlds created in real time .

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